How to make rosemary gel for a "Rapulzel effect" on your curls


Curly hair looks beautiful when you know how to take care of it, because it is a type of hair that tends to dry out faster. A little while ago, I told you that I started using the "Curly Girl" method and the truth is that I'm amazed with the results, my curls look more defined than before and one of the products I use to style them is rosemary gel, with which I've also noticed a "Rapunzel effect".

How to make rosemary gel to achieve a "Rapulzel effect" on your curls.
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I had heard that washing your hair with rosemary water is great for strengthening the scalp and prevent hair loss, but also accelerates hair growth, according to research published in The National Institutes of Health, also nourishes and adds shine to the hair fiber, regulates sebum from the scalp and promotes hair pigmentation to prevent gray hair.

Preparing it is easier than you think and it's very efficient, with this recipe you will have enough for one or two weeks, depending on how long your hair is, I use it a lot because my curls are already XL cut, they reach the height of my buttocks and I love them.

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How to make rosemary gel?
You will only need:

100 gr of rosemary leaves

2 glasses of water

200 ml of water

100 gr of flaxseeds

Avocado oil (it can also be coconut oil, almond oil or whatever oil you have to moisturize your skin).
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How to prepare

First we will heat the 2 glasses of water with the rosemary leaves until it comes to a boil, then remove from heat and strain to remove the remains of rosemary.
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Step 2. Place 200 ml of water in a pot and add the flaxseeds, heat until it begins to boil, you'll notice because it releases a kind of "foam", remove from heat and strain thoroughly.
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Step 3. In another pot, pour the rosemary water and add the flaxseed gel, cook for a few minutes and mix until both ingredients are integrated, turn off the stove once you notice that the gel begins to change color a little darker, add a tablespoon of avocado oil (or the one of your choice), mix again and let cool.
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Step 4. Pack the gel and store it in the refrigerator until you use it, remember that since it has no preservatives, it needs to be refrigerated.

Apply a little gel from means to ends on your damp hair with the "scrunch" technique, that is, squeeze the curls so that the curls are well formed.
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There is no need to rinse it out after application as it is used as a curl styler. I love the definition it brings to my mane and I'm sure if you want your hair to grow you won't hesitate to use it.

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